Stylish Living For Less: Blissful Blue Dining Room

I believe everyone should have a home they love, no matter the budget. This series of post will feature stunning well designed spaces by award winning designers and then a dupe of the room on a much smaller budget.

Today's design is from the amazing Andrew Howard, one of my favorite designers! His rooms combine color, classic pieces, and incredible taste. This dining room is from a Midtown Atlanta project and since I work in the Atlanta area I felt it was a great place to start!

I love his use of pattern, color, and texture in the room. It is a timeless classic space with a youthful vibe. To recreate this space I pulled from some of my favorite budget-friendly vendors from Pier One to Hobby Lobby, they have a lot of great options for less!

Sources: Chair1/Chair2/Rug/Vase1/Vase2/Stems/Chandelier/Pillow/Art/Curtains/Table/Paint

Want to see a stylish look for less? Let me know in the comments below your favorite designer or a favorite space, I am happy to show you what is possible!

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