Design Spotlight: Fun and Stylish Playroom

The most important part of my job is creating rooms that my clients will love! Each design is unique and should work with my client's specific needs. I wanted to share a design with you that I created for a lovely couple and their 3 children. The room they were using as a playroom was on the main floor of their home, it is a great solution if you want to keep your living areas clean from kid clutter but also keep them close as they play.

The area was small but I love the windows in the room, they add a lot of natural light too which is great for making a small space feel larger. This client wanted to create a youthful vibe in the room, since it is for kids, but it also needed to not feel too "kidish" since it was open to the main areas of their home. After a little bit of back and forth with them on what they wanted to achieve in this room plus a few client provided inspiration photos I put together 2 different concepts for the space.

Concept 1

Concept 2

At this stage I ask the clients to rate each concept 1-5 stars, plus let me know which pieces they like/dislike. If something is rated a 3 or below I will create a third concept based on the feedback. From here we worked together, narrowing down each item, until a new concept was created that they loved!

The final design feels cozy and inviting, plus the pops of color make it fun for a kid's space. An accent wallpaper on one wall is also an unexpected touch that gives this room a little something extra. Now it was time to put the design plans into place and soon my client was enjoying their brand new room!

" I really love the design you gave us for our playroom. We finally installed everything (we were saving up, and doing it little by little) and it looks absolutely fantastic! Thank you thank you thank you!! It feels like the most “done” room in our house and it just has a playful, yet serene feel to it. My best friend said she was jealous when she walked into the room! Thank You! "

This is my favorite part of my job, seeing the joy on their face when they first see their new space come to life! Now her kids can enjoy their new playroom and we are moving on to finish other rooms in her home!

If you want to start a project or have any questions feel free to send me a message, I'd love to chat!!

Until next time, happy decorating everyone!

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